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The Last Goodbye

Why this is the "end", and my last words of wisdom. 

Wicked Political Ways

Lobbyist, Gerrymandering, and Catalonia talk! 

The One Percent

"The One Percent", and when does One Percent matter?

I'm Back

Dow Jones, Gun Control, Zoos, Big Headphones, and Eagles!

On Hiatus

Episode #37

Are we entering The Age of Unreason? Plus, I continue a bit more on Hawaii and give an underrated travel tip!

Episode #36

A lighter episode about Yellow Pages, Hawaii, Drinking Coffee, and Pilot Voices. 

Episode #35

I answer your questions about Net Neturality, New Years Resolutions, and Pollution!

Episode #34

This one is EXPLICIT! I use naugthy words because I was a naughty for Xmas. Too gay? 

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