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Episode #34

This one is EXPLICIT! I use naugthy words because I was a naughty for Xmas. Too gay? 

Episode #33

The government keeps letting us down, interest rates, and do you smell something in 2024?

Episode #32

California Wildfires, Conspriacy Theorists, and why we always from groups. 

Episode #31

For whatever reason, I go life coach on this one! And maybe my best travel tip to date! 

Episode #30

No news on this one! I talk about football, Black Friday, sunshine, war reenactment, and a travel tip about Prague!

Episode #29

More world news and opinion about Turkey, Europe and Japan! Contact me via IG @AlternativeVoicePodcast

Episode #28

How social media is swaying the world, the rich becoming richer, and a very interesting "Travel Tip." Follow me on IG @AlternativeVoicePodcast or on Twitter at @AltVoicePodcast. Or...

Episode #27

It's the state of the world as we know it! Follow me on IG @AlternativeVoicePodcast or on FB

Episode #26

More serious on this one. My thoughts on Gun Control and more...

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