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Episode #23

Without knowing it, I talk ALOT about the 90's on this one! 

Episode #22

Question Everything!!! Please contact me on IG @alternativevoicepodcast or on Facebook

Episode #21

A new lighter format! Please send me feedback @alternativevoicepodcast on IG or on facebook!  

Episode #20

A lighter themed episode!  Marriage stats, a travel tip, and I go DEEP about cookies. 

Episode #19

When did Americanism become a religion? 

Episode #18

 What's the next weapon control debate and what is the real motivation behind The Great Wall of the United States? 

Episode #17

Silicon Valley vs Washington DC and why do we fight our intuition? 

Episode #16

Definitely a lighter themed episode. Football rating and exciting handwriting talk!

Episode #15 Q&A

Answering your questions! And in my opinion, the best episode so far! Please rate 5 stars thru your podcast app! Thank you! 

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